Pre-Order Policy

We welcome pre-orders for most manufacturers that we carry and our website has a specific section where you can place your pre-order online with no up front deposit.

We try to give our customers as much information as possible on pre-ordering items so that they can make an educated decision on whats affordable for them around the time their items come in. We supply the Manufacturer ETA's so our customers can plan their purchases around the schedules we receive from our distributors.

Our policy on paying for pre-orders is that we would request that any invoice for a pre-order be paid within 10 business days of the time of invoice from us or we reserve the right to sell the item(s) elsewhere.

We realize things come up in life as well so if you have any questions or need a few extra days just contact us and we can more than likely work with you.

Repeated non-payments on pre-ordered items will however result in that users pre-orders entered in our system not being honored in the future.