Athearn HO RTR SD40-2, SF #5159

Athearn HO RTR SD40-2, SF #5159



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  • Illuminated beacon (Effect on DCC/sound version)
  • Sinclair antenna on ground plane
  • 88” nose with brake wheel
  • Extended range dynamic brake
  • EMD low front snowplow
  • 4000 gal fuel tank
  • Three chime Leslie air horn
  • Cab air conditioner
  • Q-fans
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Small Sinclair antenna on ground plane

During the 1980s, Southern Pacific and Santa Fe attempted to merge. Before the eventual merger denial by the ICC, the Santa Fe painted 306 locomotives versus Southern Pacific’s 96 locomotives. A total of sixteen SD40-2 diesels made it into merger colors before it was denied on July 24, 1986 by the ICC. After the merger’s denial, railroad industry writers, employees of both railroads and railfans alike joked that SPSF really stood for “Shouldn’t Paint So Fast”. These locomotives continued on in the “Kodachrome” scheme until the late 1980s.