Athearn Genesis SDP45, WC #6634 DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis SDP45, WC #6634 DCC Ready


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  • As-built EL freight service SDP45 (SD45M)
  • Low profile roof details: dust bin hatch, exhaust stack, engine compartment “T” vent, and radiator fans
  • Rectangular grid radiator intake grilles
  • 5,000 gallon fuel tank
  • Frame mounted bell
  • 3 chime horn
  • Small Firecracker & large Sinclair antennas
  • Ditch lights in poly bag
  • Flexicoil-C Trucks with high/brake cylinders and Hyatt bearings

The Wisconsin Central had many SD45s, but only one SDP45: 6634, an ex Erie-Lackawanna unit. Following WC’s acquisition by Canadian National, the unit was sold at auction.