Athearn Genesis SD70M, EMD Lease #7023 DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis SD70M, EMD Lease #7023 DCC Ready


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Painted in an easily recognizable scheme, these EMD lease units wandered all over the western railroads in the mid 1990s to the 2000s. Both Southern Pacific and Union Pacific leased them in the '90s, and it was not uncommon to find them on nearly any type of train, so they are appropriate power for most western modelers of that era. Later on, the units went to CSX, but received only a patch and continued to run for several years in their leasing colors.

  • All road numbers
    • SD70 body with no rear number boards
    • Freight type brakewheel
    • P-3 horn
    • Standard cab with high headlight
    • Angled cab door with window
    • Small can & whip antennas
    • Prime air filters
    • Round dial fuel gauge