Athearn Genesis SD70M, DCC Ready, NS/Ex-NYS&W


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Norfolk Southern, always in the market for secondhand EMD power, acquired the three former NYS&W SD70Ms in late 2014. The new Thoroughbreds received a fresh coat of black and were renumbered 2797-2799. Since then, NS 2798 has been fitted with rooftop PTC antennas, a distinctive detail captured by our Genesis model.

  • Former NYS&W 4050-4052
  • Early SD70M body
  • K5LAR24 horn
  • Air Dryer
  • Spare knuckles on rear pilot
  • MU receptacles & cables on each end
  • Prime air filters
  • HTCR trucks
  • SP style tall plow


  • PTC antennas installed

#2797, 2799:

  • Sinclair & small can antenna installed with removable glue. Optional PTC antenna set included in box (it is believed that NS will retrofit these units with PTC in the near future).