Athearn Genesis SD70M-2, FURX - DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis SD70M-2, FURX - DCC Ready


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  • Primed for Grime #Ready2Rust
  • High mount headlight
  • Early handrails


            • New for the SD70ACe and SD70M-2, LED lighting
            • Correctly-sized operating ditch lights
            • Snowplow
            • Front and rear trainline air hose with silver tips
            • Multiple unit (MU) hoses with silver tips
            • Coupler cut bars
            • Train line air hoses
            • Flat or tapered front and rear anticlimbers
            • Safety tread on the walkways
            • Nose or cab mounted headlight
            • Standard or isolated cab
            • Windshield wipers
            • Tinted side windows
            • Mirrors
            • Detailed and painted cab interior with control stand, display screens, detailed crew seats and optional grade crossing camera
            • Airchime K5LLA horn with square or "tube" style mounting bracket
            • Large antenna dome
            • Small GPS antenna dome
            • Inverter box with original X-panels, X-panels with retrofitted louvers, factory louvers, late EMD large intake or retrofit large intake
            • See-through radiator fans
            • Etched dynamic brake grille and screen with appropriate grid detail underneath
            • Dynamic brake louver variations per prototype
            • Chicago Blower brand air blower visible behind the see-through grilles at the rear of the locomotive
            • Early or late hand brake housing and wheel
            • Early or Late Sander Brackets
            • Factory installed wire grab irons
            • Jacking pads per prototype
            • Plumbing alongside the frame appropriate to the specific railroad and purchase order
            • Fuel tanks with single or dual fuel fillers
            • HTCR or HTSC trucks per prototype
            • Non-sound QuickPlug™ equipped with NEM 21-pin DCC plug
            • McHenry scale knuckle spring couplers
            • Minimum radius: 18"
            • Recommended radius: 22"