Athearn Genesis HO GP50 Phase 1 w/DCC & Sound,UP/Yellow & Grey #74

Athearn Genesis HO GP50 Phase 1 w/DCC & Sound,UP/Yellow & Grey #74


Athearn Genesis

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  • First time offered: Ex-MP late 1980’s, two digit series
  • Long hood mounted bell
  • Leslie RS3L horn mounted per prototype
  • Firecracker antenna
  • Classlights removed or painted over per prototype
  • Cab mirrors
  • Conductor side cab vent
  • Sunshades
  • Extra Jacking pad side sill
  • Small EMD style snow plow
  • Blomberg “M” truck sideframes

After the UP/MP merger, the numbers of the combined locomotive roster went through many changes. In the mid 1980s, UP initially numbered their ex-MP GP50s in a two-digit series, starting with MP 3507 which was renumbered to UP 57. Only twelve units were ever renumbered to the original UP two-digit numbers. Adjusting their direction almost midway through the process, UP later decided to renumber the entire GP50 fleet to the 960 series. This wasn’t completed until 1992. The 960 series didn’t last long either as the UP again adjusted for the addition of the C&NW GP50s from the 1995 merger.