Athearn Genesis HO GP40-2, SSW #7639

Athearn Genesis HO GP40-2, SSW #7639


Athearn Genesis

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  • Delivered for priority intermodal trains
  • In later years they could be found across the system in all types of assignments
  • Mid-production units with blunt anticlimber, 88” nose, & corrugated radiator grills
  • SSW 7634, 7636, & 7639 were set up to run with SP fuel tender 700, see ATH73936
  • Light clusters front & rear
    • Illuminated clear gyralights front & rear, Red “Big Hole” light on front, lighting effect DCC+Sound
  • 4-hole jacking pads
  • Large front snowplow
  • Rear MU hose retainers
  • SP walkway toolbox
  • Roof details include P-3 horn on stand, Prime air conditioner, and antenna ground plane with whip antenna & conduit
    • New 2-piece conduit facilitates easy removal of cab for detailing or maintenance