Athearn Genesis EMD SDP45, NRLX #6592 - DCC Ready

Athearn Genesis EMD SDP45, NRLX #6592 - DCC Ready


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  • Unit leased to Northeastern railroads, including BAR, NYSW, and others
  • Winterization hatch
  • S3L horn
  • Firecracker antenna
  • NRLX: removed steam generator equipment, electronic bell
  • GN style fuel tank
  • Illuminated Western-Cullen style beacon
  • High/Low front truck brake cylinder arrangement with high mounted brake cylinders rear

Following the Burlington Northern merger, several of the former Great Northern SDP45s were repainted into Cascade Green. The units initially retained most of their passenger equipment, including steam generators.

National Railway Leasing acquired an SDP45 from the BN. It was leased to the BAR and the NYSW for some time.