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Aurora Miniatures HO Gunderson/Greenbrier 6276cf 50' Plate F Boxcar- AOK

Aurora Miniatures HO Gunderson/Greenbrier 6276cf 50' Plate F Boxcar- AOK


Aurora Miniatures

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From 2004 onwards, thousands of these cars were built by The Greenbrier Companies at its various facilities across the United States and Mexico. It is an excellent representation and proof of the 50’ boxcar’s continued existence in 21st century railroading. Most of these boxcars can be seen in paper service across the North American continent.

HO Gunderson 6276 cf 50' Hi-Cube Boxcar
Mineral Brown Paint Schemes (2017+)

Series-specific Model Features:
Accurate high-end HO scale replica of a late-production Gunderson 6276 boxcar.
NOT a stand-in model with 'foobie' paint scheme applied. Beware of stand-ins and misrepresentations from other manufacturer offerings!
Series AOK 115000-115199, built by Gunderson-Concarril in 2018-2019.

Series-specific painting and lettering:
1. Correct reporting marks per prototype.
2. English-only markings on door.
3. Interior/Exterior paint identification near builder's plate where applicable.
Series-specific details:
1. Late version roof with '3X + 4/ + 3X' panels.
2. Late version carbody without tack boards.
3. Late version 12' plug door.
4. Late version underbody components arrangement, control valve mounted on left side opposite of air reservoir.
5. ASF Motion Control trucks.

Other Model Features:
All-new model designed from the ground up using various prototype resources.
Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic body.
Removable doors – doors can be modified to be set in open position for modelling loading/unloading scenario.
Separately applied ladders, handrails, stirrups, coupler cut levers and air hoses.
Fully-loaded underbody details:
1. NYAB ‘DB60’ single-sided control valve
2. Two-sided release rod with mounts
3. Ellcon-National type empty/load sensor
4. Diagonally mounted air reservoir
5. Brake cylinder
6. Low-mounted brake rods
7. Full piping details connecting each component.
Hyper-realistic nailable steel floor and bolster details.
Near-scale size draft gear box with side key detail and cushion detail.
Aurora North American 100-ton freight car truck system with fully replicated bolster & center plate detail, side bearings and brake beams.
NMRA RP-25, Code 110, machined metal 36” wheelsets featuring prototypical wheel contour and axle tapering.
Rotating ‘Brenco’ AAR Class K bearing caps.
AuroraJanney scale head couplers installed.