Athearn Genesis GP40P-2 w/DCC & Sound, Union Pacific


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  • Rebuilt into freight service
    • Large fuel tank
    • Steam generator removed & plated over
  • Long hood mounted horn
  • Standard cab armrests
  • Classlights removed
  • Front and rear illuminated ditch lights (independent control in DCC)
  • Rebuilt L-window cab
  • SP signal lights plated over
  • UP front snow plow
  • Rear pilot spare knuckles and MU catch trays


  • Antenna plane with SInclair antenna
  • Grey-painted A/C unit to represent replacement unit
  • Widely-spaced front ditch lights
  • Narrowly-spaced rear ditch lights


  • Antenna plane with whip antenna
  • Narrowly-spaced front ditch lights
  • Widely-spaced rear ditch lights
  • Bell relocated from roof to frame