Athearn Genesis  SD70M DCC Ready, Union Pacific

Athearn Genesis SD70M DCC Ready, Union Pacific


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There is no shortage of variety within Union Pacific’s massive SD70M roster. In addition, the railroad has made many changes to the units over the years. Reflective yellow on the frame has replaced red, PTC antennas are becoming commonplace, and flags now grace the sides of many of the locomotive. This release of UP SD70Ms depicts units from the first order, with early (non flared) SD70M bodies. They have been observed working every conceivable assignment, from MOW & continuous rail trains, to mainline stack trains, to helper service on the former SP coast line.

  • UP lightning stripe scheme
  • Early SD70M body
  • Nathan K-3 horn
  • Air Dryer
  • Spare knuckles on rear pilot
  • Prime air filters
  • HTCR-II trucks
  • EMD low plow
  • Late style fuel tank & breather piping
#4005, 4089:
  • Red sill stripe, GPS dome, small can & Sinclair antennas, “Under Warranty” on cab
#4429, 4331:
  • Yellow sill stripe, PTC antennas, “” on cab